Maple Valley Landscaping Fall LeavesYou can tell Fall has begun in Washington as the trees have a slight tinge of color change. As soon as the leaves begin to change color, you may also notice that your lawn isn’t growing as much or as fast.

Your grass is beginning to transition into the winter phase, where it will hardly grow at all. This is great news for those of you who hate mowing their lawns, but its also a sign of a cold and wet winter for the rest of us.

As Fall comes, you will have other lawn care needs such as raking all of the leaves that are going to begin to fall on your yard.

What Does Maple Valley Landscaping Offer For Fall Services?

  • Final Lawn Mowing of the Season
  • Fall Lawn Fertilizer
  • Gutter Cleaning (As soon as the last leaf has fallen)
  • Raking & Disposing of Leaves
  • Pressure Washing Driveway

Its extremely important to rake up these leaves, otherwise they will kill off your grass. Depending on how thick or how many leaves fall onto the grass, will determine how susceptible it will be to dieing. Just like during the summer when you filled up the kiddy pool and left it on a spot of grass the entire summer, once you either move it or put away that pool, you will notice the dead grass below.

Raking up leaves can be a pain and even cause back-pain. That is why we offer raking services throughout the Maple Valley, WA area. To speed up the process and to save our backs, we can use high powered blowers to blow the leaves into piles before bagging them up and dumping them into compost piles. Be sure to contact us if you are looking to hire someone to do the job for you! Call 425-341-1265  Today