Yard Cleanup Maple Valley LandscapingWe know storms come through Washington all of the time, that is why we offer Yard Cleanup services to our customers. When a storm comes through the state, branches litter both front and back yards and even sometimes your roof.

We don’t offer roof repair but we do clean off roofs after a storm has passed.

Cleaning off your roof and gutters after a storm is important so that no more damage can be caused by the left over debris.

So what does our Yard Cleanup service offer?

  • Branch & Tree Cleanup
  • Branches taken off the roof & roof cleanup
  • Gutters clean out
  • Leaves Cleanup
  • Garbage Cleanup

We also offer our yard cleanup service to anyone who just wants their yard to look nice again. Maybe you went on vacation for the past 2 weeks and need your entire yard to be cleaned, mowed, edged back into its former beauty.

Our yard cleanup services isn’t just for ‘after the storm’, but also during regular summer or fall days. Maybe you let your grass grow too high and now your backyard looks like a jungle. We can take care of that! Just give us a call today at (425) 341-1265.

During the fall season, we can clean up the leaves left on your yard. If you leave the leaves on your grass, you could end up killing off your lawn as too many leaves will choke out the grass underneath.

Be sure to give us a call at (425) 341-1265. We can offer our yard cleanup service to you any time of the year!